Monday, September 27, 2010

First Day of Preschool

September 7th was the First day of Trey and Ryleigh's Last year of preschool and they were really excited to go

The Circus

Then on Labor Day we took the kids to McCook to see the circus and they all loved it. We also found out that day that Konner is very afraid of elephants no matter how close they are to him

Cody Park Rides

Then we took the kids over to the Cody Park Rides to end the day and they had a ball


Then we took the kids down to see the trains that are in the park and the boys all loved it and wouldn't stop talking about it

Our Family Weekend (Park)

On September 3 Ryan and I decided that we just wanted to get out of town with the kids for a day before Trey and Ryleigh started school. We just went to North Platte but had tons of fun spending time together and with My aunt Michelle, Grandma Rundback, Brittney and Jordan. To Start off our day we took the kids out to Cody Park to play on the playground.