Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Papa Bill

The McCrumb 6 would like to wish Papa Bill a very happy birthday today. We love you lots
Ryan, Renae, Trey, Ryleigh, Konner and Kameran

Rundback Christmas

Christmas day we all loaded up and went to Palisade for our Christmas at my mom and Dad's house. We enjoyed the day spent with family and had a lot of fun.

All tuckered out

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas at home

Christmas morning the kids actually all slept in. But when they goy up they were ready to start opening presents. Here are a couple of pictures. Between opening everything for them and trying to pick up the wrapping paper. I didn't get that many pictures

Trey and daddy
Kameran in the box after it was opened

Ryleigh and her new Cabbage patch

Friday, December 26, 2008

McCrumb Family Christmas

Christmas Eve we went over to Al and Marilyn's house for our Christmas with them. All the kids had fun and we ate soup and played games.

Trey and Gabriel
Marilyn, Ryleigh, Liz, Ashton, and James all playing Imaginiff

Rich and Ryan

Kameran and his new PJ's


Kameran and Trey playing with Trey's new keyboard

Shelia handing out gifts

Gabriel, Liz and Ashton

Trey opening Presents

Kameran playing with Trey's Gift


Konner standing on his head

Ryan Ryleigh showing her toy, and Gabriel

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Great Grandma Rundback's Christmas

Frank Papa Ryleigh and Cheryl
Jake Laura Konner and Mom

Trey and Papa

Super Kam and Ryleigh and Brittney

Dad And Trey

Trey and Mr. Potato Head

Konner Jake and Laura

Laura Brittney and Jordan

Daddy and Kam

Ryleigh Konner and the new puppy

Michelle Kam and Gma

Monday, December 22, 2008

Trey and Ryleigh

Trey and Ryleigh didn't want to take naps today kinda like they didn't want to get out of their Pj's . So while Konner and Kameran were sleeping they decided that they wanted to have their pictures taken in front of the christmas tree in their PJ's. They posed so many different ways it was funny. Here are just a few of them.

Making Christmas Candy and Other random pics

Sunday we went down and helped Grandma Charlotte make some christmas candy. It was a long fun day. I have pictures of almost everyone but Trey for some reason it wouldn't load,
Uncle Mike, Kameran, Konner and Ryleigh

Kameran Tormenting Buddy
Again but Konner is involved

Konner stuck on the high chair steps

Mike trying to get Konner to stand up

Ryan and Ryleigh acting busy

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kids having fun

Saturday it was so nice outside and the kids wanted to play outside so we took them up to the park for a while. Trey and Ryleigh had a ball while Konner and Kameran slept.

Ryleigh Ryan, and Trey
Trey and Ryleigh on the tire swing


Ryan sat at the bottom of the tornado slide and when they came down he scared them. This is Trey at the bottom when ryan scared him

Ryleigh with her new boots and shirt. THANK YOU AUNT MICHELLE for getting them
for me I really like them and I wear them all the time
Trey being a goof in the van while watching a movie.

Looking at the Christmas Lights.

Kameran being silly
Kameran Kisses
It is so funny when he wants a kiss cause he smiles at you with this mischievous little smile and walks to you and gives you a open mouth kiss.

Konner excited to see me when I got off work