Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kameran is Rolling Over

Kameran has finally really started to roll over we are really excited about this. Now Konner just has to follow what Kam is doing .

Outside Fun

Today since it was nice we decided to let Ryleigh and Trey play outside for a while and they love it we went next door and petted the big St Barnard and seen the little Pug through the fence. Then the kids went on the other side of the house and played with their sidewalk chalk and ball. Then a little later they helped dad rake up some leaves. When we cot back inside they decided to play with a stocking hat. We also played with the little boys when got inside to

Friday, March 28, 2008

Our hectic few days

This Kameran's favorite place to sleep Konner peacefully sleeping
Our little musicians
Me and my little bro
Ryleigh and Kameran
ok so the last few days have been kinda hectic. I have been working on my sister's wedding shower invitations and I have had a lot help. Trey and Ryleigh think that they have to help whenever I am doing something I can never do anything by myself. They both like helping feed their little brothers and they would love to help change them if they could. Trey and ryleigh I guess are just my little helpers. Thursday was the first day that we didn't get to go outside and you could really tell that cause i think that they had every toy out that they could. The good thing is that they actually picked them all up without being told to do so. Ryleigh and Trey got to go up and see Grandma and Grandpa McCrumb today and they ate lunch with them and played up there most of the morning. When they got home they both laid down and went right to sleep for their nap. Then when they got up they played with their dad for awhile until supper was ready. After supper we all watched a movie and relaxed. Then Aunt Leah called and ryleigh decided that she was going to talk to her and did for like 15 minutes. After she talked to leah she wanted to talk to Joe but they were going to the movies so they didn't have time. I guess that she will just have to wait. We also changed out clothes in Konner and Kameran's dresser we decided to take all of the 0-3 month clothes out and put all of the 3-6 month and 6-9 month clothes in. That was project with Trey and Ryleigh thinking that they had to be right in the middle of it. We also decided that since Kameran is rolling over that it was time to separate the boys so that they both have their own cribs now. I really think that they slept better last night since they weren't all cramped into one bed. Well that is all I have for now I will write more later.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Weather is so nice

So the weather the last few days has been really nice. We have take full advantage of and have had our kids outside the last few days. Monday they played out on the sidewalk with their sidewalk chalk and helped dad clean out the flower beds. Tuesday we finshed up the one big flower bed and decided that we wanted to go for a walk so we started down the street. Little Miss Mom had to take her stroller and baby with us to. She had a ball pushing her baby down the street beside the big stroller. That night we walked almost a mile and a half. When we got back home the kids were so tired they fell asleepm really fast Then tonight we decided that we were going to go on another walk but we didn't walk as far because ryan got off of work later than usually and it was getting dark out . But all together the kids are loving the walks and Ryan and I are liking them too. I will put pictures on here tomorrow

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weekend

This weekend was a very long weekend for all of. Thursday night we started out dying eggs at Grandma and grandpa McCrumbs. Grandma Shelia was there to. We dyed 18 eggs and Trey was the only one that broke one. After we dyed our eggs we baked easter sugar cookies that were Baby chicks and bunnies. That was all thatwe did that night. Friday night Trey and Ryleigh went and spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa Rundbacks House where they dyed more eggs with aunt Laura. Only one egg got broke that night too. Ryan and I went to McCook with Konner and Kameran. We went shopping and got the kids their easter stuff. it was really different at home that night with just Konner and Kameran. It was really quite. So I took the time to work on Leah bridal shower invitations. Then Saturday My dad came up to our house and put a light up for us and also put in some outlets. They left Trey and Ryleigh in Palisade with Great Grandma Rundback and Uncle Mike. Then later that evening Ryan and I went to Palisade too. We went down there to see Michelle and the kids. and Brittney and Trey and Ryleigh dyed more eggs. After this easter I think Trey and Ryleigh are going to be really good at dying eggs. We left there kinda late and went home . We all had to get up early Sunday morning so that we could go to church the next morning so that Konner and Kameran Baptized. After Church we all got together at the auxillary hall in Palisade for a dinner in honor of Konner and Kameran's Baptism. There were probally around 30 people there. After Dinner we went out to My grandma's house and Cheryl and Frank were there. we all went inside and talked for awhile while Leah and Joe hid eggs for Brittney, Trey, and Ryleigh. Then later that evening Mom Leah Laura Ryan and I all went to the movie while everyone else watched our children it was a well deserved night out for Ryan and I. well that was our long weekend We all had fun were just a little wore out