Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kids having fun

Saturday it was so nice outside and the kids wanted to play outside so we took them up to the park for a while. Trey and Ryleigh had a ball while Konner and Kameran slept.

Ryleigh Ryan, and Trey
Trey and Ryleigh on the tire swing


Ryan sat at the bottom of the tornado slide and when they came down he scared them. This is Trey at the bottom when ryan scared him

Ryleigh with her new boots and shirt. THANK YOU AUNT MICHELLE for getting them
for me I really like them and I wear them all the time
Trey being a goof in the van while watching a movie.

Looking at the Christmas Lights.

Kameran being silly
Kameran Kisses
It is so funny when he wants a kiss cause he smiles at you with this mischievous little smile and walks to you and gives you a open mouth kiss.

Konner excited to see me when I got off work

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