Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wow time flies

Ryleigh likes to put her head down on Konner when she hugs him well the other night she found out why. This what we were seeing from our side before she started to cry.
This is the other side and why she was crying
Kon Man
Mr. Hollywood as Aunt Laura Calls him
We always have our hands together
Ryleigh just hanging out with the little boys in the bouncey
Ryleigh was so tired the other day She fell asleep on Ryan I guess that Ryan was tired to cause he is sleeping to and I think that Trey is trying to wake them up

Today when I was looking at everyone elses blogs I just noticed that it has been a whole week since I even wrote one. Well this last week was pretty hectic. We went a lot of places and had lots of appointments. After our Dr's appointments on Tuesday we had to go to Imperial for and

appointment. Luckily the appointment was first thing in the morning and when we left it hadn't rained yet. But on our way back it was pouring. Thursday and Friday we just stayed at home and stayed warm. Trey and Ryleigh loved watching it snow out our sliding door window. Trey was calling it Snow hail. I am not sure why he was calling it that but it was so cute when he did. Thursday night I guess that we did get out in the blowing snow for a little while cuz we went to Ryan's grandma's house to eat supper with the Family. While we were there the kids were so excited to get to take all of grandma's canned goods out of the cupboard and stack them up like a tower and knock them down to the ground. Luckily no one got hurt. Saturday we didn't do much at all we just hung out at the house and moved more of our stuff over from the old house to our house. Sunday they had a planned power outage here in town so me and the kids went to Palisade for the day. Trey and Ryleigh played outside alot They helped Laura wash the pickup for grandpa and got to see Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Lawless. Ryleigh got to walk through the sheep with Soon to be Uncle Joe and Aunt Leah. She also chased Gus everywhere that he would go. Monday we had to get up early again and go to North Platte for an eye appointment for Ryleigh ( for all of you that don't know Ryleigh had eye surgery a little over a year ago. Everything looked great. After we got done there we went and ate lunch. After Lunch we decided that we would take all of the kids up to see Great Great grandma Wilson. She was so happy to see them all and was glad to see Grandma Rundback and I. When we left the Nursing home we decide that since we were so close to Bailey Yards we would take Trey out by the Trains. And he loved it He is really into trains right now. After we drove by there we decided to take them out to Cody Park but by the time we got there they were all asleep. Then we went over and seen Aunt Michelle and Brittney and Jordan. Jordan turned 13 Sunday so grandma and I took him and the rest of the Family out for ice cream. Then Grandma and I decided that we would go home. So today we are just going to stay home probally play outside for a while since it is suppose to be so nice out.

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I love the picture of Trey in his dads boots!