Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Konner's First Black Eye

Let's just say Konner wasn't having a good day Monday. Before he got his black eye he was crawling around on the floor doing his head bob thing that he does when he is being weird and his hands came out from under him and he face planted the floor and bit his lip and then when we got home and the kids had had a nap Trey and Konner were playing in the living room and Trey moved something accidentally hitting Konner and cut him below his eye and gave him a nice Shiner as everyone calls it. We weren't going to take him to the Dr but all he wanted to do after that happened was sleep. So we called over there and The Dr said that she just wanted to check him out and make sure there was nothing wrong. So we went to Benkelman and she said he was fine. Then when we got home we went over to Ryan's Grandma's house for supper and when we got ready to clean up Ryleigh Rolled over Konner's hand with one of the chairs. So all in all Konner had a Very Bad day but he is now back to his normal self and is back to being a little goof ball.
Konner right after it happened on the way to the Dr.
Konner Today after he finally got his eye opened cause when he woke up this morning it was swollen shut.
It isn't as bad as you would really think in this picture it actually looks really good.
And he is now back to his headbutting so it must not hurt that bad anymore.



Poor little guy! Glad to hear he's doing better.

sixbehrs said...

Hope it's his last black eye, too!