Wednesday, February 4, 2009

~A nice day to play at the park~

Today since it was nice outside we went to the park and play for a little bit. The Kids all had a ball and were very wore out by the time that we went home. Gabriel and Ashton were there to.

I really think that Ryan had more fun at the park going down the slides than what the kids actually did. He is chasing Gabriel down the slide in the picture above
He took Konner down the swing. Konner still isn't sure about walking outside yet since the first day that he tried to walk outdoors he fell and scraped his poor nose on the sidewalk.

Here is Konner sitting on top of the slide.

Gabriel and Trey playing in the Gravel

Sebastian (Tiffany Harris's little boy) , Ryleigh, and Ashton

Konner playing in the gravel

Ryan chasing Gabriel and Trey on the Jungle gym ( It looks like the boys are winning)

Ryan chasing Trey down the slide

Ryan and Kameran

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