Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Joe!!!

The McCrumb 6 would like to wish my sisters husband Joe a very happy 24th birthday

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

3 Febuary Birthdays

Happy Birthday!

The McCrumb 6 would like to wish 3 very speical birthday. I am late on 2 of these so it will be a Happy Belated birthday.

First On the 3rd of Febuary is My Uncle Frank's Birthday. Happy Belated Birthday We all love ya and miss you and we hope that you had a great birthday.

Next on the 7th is Ryan's Aunt Diana Happy belated birthday We love you and Thank you for everything you have done for us.

And last Today iis Ryan's cousin Lukes Birthday. Happy 17th birthday. We miss you and Love you. We hope that you have a great day

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pucker Up Baby!!!

Just recently Konner has been starting to give kisses he will even Pucker Up for you it is so funny but really cute too.

Night at Grandma Marj and Papa Guy's House

Jake and Konner
Leah and Joe came down and stayed in Palisade from Thursday to Friday. We we very happy to see them.

Trey Being Cool in Uncle Joe's Boots and his sunglasses

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bigger beds for everyone

So today Ryan and I were really busy. Trey and Ryleigh have been sharing a Twin bed together for a while now and I thought that It was time for them each to have their own bed. So we switched everything around and while we were at it we decided that we would just go ahead and change Konner and Kameran over to the toddler beds. We thought that we would be up all night putting everyone back into their beds But within 30 minutes of putting them in their rooms they were all sacked out and fast asleep.

The only way that we could get Konner and Kameran to stay in their bed was to give them their cups. There wasn't anything in them but as you can see from Konner's picture he is using it more as a security item than anything ( I guess that it is better than a blanket)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wrestling and Cleaning

This scene is becoming an everyday thing Konner thinks that he can just lay down on Kameran and then it turns into a wrestiling match with Kameran winning and Konner crying


Kameran and his onery grin

Here is Trey and Ryleigh attempting to vacuum

Trying to push it together.

~A nice day to play at the park~

Today since it was nice outside we went to the park and play for a little bit. The Kids all had a ball and were very wore out by the time that we went home. Gabriel and Ashton were there to.

I really think that Ryan had more fun at the park going down the slides than what the kids actually did. He is chasing Gabriel down the slide in the picture above
He took Konner down the swing. Konner still isn't sure about walking outside yet since the first day that he tried to walk outdoors he fell and scraped his poor nose on the sidewalk.

Here is Konner sitting on top of the slide.

Gabriel and Trey playing in the Gravel

Sebastian (Tiffany Harris's little boy) , Ryleigh, and Ashton

Konner playing in the gravel

Ryan chasing Gabriel and Trey on the Jungle gym ( It looks like the boys are winning)

Ryan chasing Trey down the slide

Ryan and Kameran