Sunday, February 7, 2010

Time flies

Wow time really flies when you don't have a computer that is working! I haven't posted anything on here in a really long time so I am just going to do a quick update

The newest thing in the McCrumb 6 House is that on January 4th Kameran got glasses. For the most part he leaves them on but he is alway looking over them. He really doesnt seem to even mind them.

Konner and Trey Being Goof Balls like usual. Nothing new has really happen to these two. Konner is really talking now and you can understand him really well. He is very lovey dovey most of the time. He is such a character. Trey is now 4 years old. We went bowling for his and Ryleigh's birthday and it was a ball. Trey is really into Loaders, backhoes, and anything else that falls into the heavy machinery catagory.

Trey fell asleep at Laura's Basketball Game

Ryleigh is really loving school!! She loves spending time with her aunt Laura and Love going to Laura's basketball games.

This is our cat Eve . Ryleigh wanted this picture posted because in this picture Eve is hanging over a towel that we have over our kitchen window. She stayed there for a really long time just hanging there. Ryleigh had asked me what she was doing there and I told her that she probally didn't want to be bother by the kids for awhile so she climbed to the highest place she could think of where they couldn't reach her

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