Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Weather is so nice

So the weather the last few days has been really nice. We have take full advantage of and have had our kids outside the last few days. Monday they played out on the sidewalk with their sidewalk chalk and helped dad clean out the flower beds. Tuesday we finshed up the one big flower bed and decided that we wanted to go for a walk so we started down the street. Little Miss Mom had to take her stroller and baby with us to. She had a ball pushing her baby down the street beside the big stroller. That night we walked almost a mile and a half. When we got back home the kids were so tired they fell asleepm really fast Then tonight we decided that we were going to go on another walk but we didn't walk as far because ryan got off of work later than usually and it was getting dark out . But all together the kids are loving the walks and Ryan and I are liking them too. I will put pictures on here tomorrow

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