Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We went camping this weekend at Enders. The first day was really nice but Sunday it rained on us so we came home early. Here are some pics but they aren't in order.

Trey waiting for a smore
Ryan and Trey enjoying the campfire.
Ryleigh fell asleep in the stroller right next to the campfire.
And she also fell asleep in the van when we were on our way back from swimming standing up.

Konner loves the water we had to leave them in the strollers cause they wouldn't stay in their floaties this was actually easier.
Trey trying to go under
Kameran didn't like the water that much.

Konner in the 4Camper on the bed
Ryleigh and Kam in the Camper

Trey carring something to Ryan
Konner playing poutside. I had another pic of Kameran playing outside but it wouldn't load for some reason

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