Monday, August 4, 2008

Fun in the Van

On Saturday we went to Benkelman cause the kids were going to be on the the Dundy County Hospital Float. Trey and Ryleigh both had a lot of fun on the float and when they got done they were really hot. For some reason the only picture that I can't get to upload on here is the on of them on the float. But I do have some of the kids in the van on the way over to Benkelman. They were all being really funny and goofy.

Konner Laughing
Kameran just hanging out in his seat.
Trey was playing peek- a - boo.
Also Trey and Ryleigh stayed at grandma shelia's Friday night and I think that Kameran and Konner liked it cause they both slept really good.

Konner Jumped himself to sleep

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