Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pictures from New Years Eve (Finally!!!)

I finally got our pictures From New Years Eve to Download. This Year we went down to My Mom and Dad's house for the evening. We ate and Played Farkle all night.
Ryleigh fell asleep before midnight

We found out that night that Konner really like Uncle jake a whole lot. If Konner is in a bad mood and Jake shows his whole mood absolutely changes.
That could be a reason why all the pictures that I have of Jake have Konner in them to.

Laura and Trey hanging out

Ryan and Kam

Ryan Trey and Grandma Charlotte

Kameran and Me

Ryan Grandma Charlotte and Grandpa Bill

Grandma Martha, Mom and Dad

Konner attempting to walk

Grandpa and Grandma Lawless


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Dave Ja Vu said...

I had to click on Grandpa and Grandma Lawless' picture to see the portrait on the wall behind them!

Omigosh, the little Rundbacks photo was so darn cute!

I also have to ask if you like that Farkle game. I thought about buying it at ALCO, but wasn't sure.