Monday, January 19, 2009

Playing Outside In January!!!

It was so nice outside yesterday so we took the kids outside to play and get some of their energy ran down. They really enjoyed being outside beside the fact that it was so darn windy.

Kool Konner
Ryleigh posing in a tree

Trey, Ryleigh And Konner


Trey and Grandma Shelia


Ryleigh running around

I just really liked this picture

Konner and Ryan

No I didn't mean to get so many Pictures of just Konner. It's just that he doesn't move around as fast as the others
Ryleigh and Kam

Ryleigh and Trey rolling down the hill
Kameran was funny you Rarely found him in the grass he still isn't sure about it yet. It still feels funny to him


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