Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Konner and Kameran accomplishment....

Kameran accomplishment's
1. He start to roll over at the beginning of March
2 He got his first 2 teeth and the beginning of March
3. Started rolling all the way over in the middle of March.
4. Got his 2nd 2 teeth at the beginning April
5. Started to get up on his hands and knees at the beginning of April.
Before we know Kameran is going to be crawling and He is already trying to get 2 more teeth in The one thing that makes me happy is that he's not that crabby getting his teeth in. And last night Ryan was just with playing Kam and Stood him up against the Couch and he actually stood there with no help.
Konner's Accomplishments
1. He started rolling over In the Middle of April
2. Started to roll all of the way over at the end of April
3.Started getting on all his hands and knees at the beginning of May.
4. Got his face all cleared up at the begining of May
Yes Konner is just a little behind but it's not taking that long for him to catch on. He has no teeth yet. We can see one. But it has not yet popped through to where you can feel it and he is just the opposite of Kam. He is crabby and he has the bad diapers. He isn't using his legs that well yet but he is also a lot bigger than Kam.
As Ryan puts it Our Little boys are growing up fast. It seems like they are actually growing up faster than Trey and Ryleigh did. As for Trey and Ryleigh and their accomplishment's. They are really starting to talk a lot and a lot better. They are definitely in the terrible two's stage and they love to be outside. They are getting their 2 year molars in and they are growing like weeds.
Trey copies everything that you say and will say it over and over until he gets tired of it and he will get you just about anything. He loves giving hugs and kisses and he likes to cuddle up on the couch with you.
Ryleigh is just a little different she likes to talk on her fake cell phone and hates talking on a actual phone. She likes to sass everyone and is going to be able to stick up for herself. She is our little miss mom. She likes to help feed Kon and Kam. Her eye surgery was a success.
Trey and Ryleigh are getting to go to the Henry Dorley Zoo this summer and we has been looking at all the different animals and they can tell you what most of the are. They are both really excited to "GO SEE THE AMINALS" as they say it. Well that is all for now.

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