Monday, May 12, 2008

Some pics from the weekend!

This weekend was a long but enjoyable weekend. Friday night Ryan and I watched movies with Trey and Ryleigh during the storm. Saturday we got up early and went to Palisade to Great Grandma's house to brand calves. All the guys actually Branded. All of the Women stayed inside with the kids and Baked cookies and watched movies. Sunday We went to Palisade in the morning and gave all the grandma's their Flower pots that we made. And Leah, Jake, Laura, Dad and I gave Mom a digital camera for Mother's Day. Funny thing is Ryan gave me my Mother's day gift 2 weeks ago and Now Mom and I have the same digital camera's. Then Last night we came back up to Wauneta and Ryan Made supper for Marilyn and I for mother's day. Well really sums up everything that we did this weekend.
Trey and Ryleigh sleeping together during the storm Friday night.Grandma Marj and Konner. They matched on Mother's Day
Kameran zonked out on great Grandma's Lap
Trey wanting to go outside on Saturday
Ryleigh was a mess after eating grandma's cherry cheesecake.

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