Monday, May 26, 2008

Farm Fun!!!!

We have done a lot this weekend already. Saturday Ryan had to work so we didn't do much that day. But On Sunday we went to Palisade. Before we left for Palisade Ryan and Trey went and got a 4 wheeler and they found a turtle and Trey caught it all by himself. When we got to Palisade we played outside for a while. Then we went out to the Papa's burn pit where we found grandma's baby kitty's. Its a good thing that he doesn't need to burn it. Then we went to Great Grandma's house and Got to see baby chicks and Trey caught a little frog. He was so happy catching it. When we got him to put it down. We all got ready to drive the cows up north to a pasture. Trey and Ryleigh had a ball doing that. Trey rode the 4 wheeler and fell asleep on it. But I didn't get a picture of that.
Trey and on of grandma's kittens
Uncle Joe and his horse.
Trey caught a frog today.

Kon and Kam Playing on the floor.

3 of my guys playing outside on the grass

Ryleigh and on of grandma's kittens

Trey and Daddy

Trey caught not only a Frog yesterday but he also caught a turtle.

Ryleigh and Daddy

Pics from last weekend

Last weekend Mom and I went garage saleing and we got this for little Miss Ryleigh. She absolutely loves it. But we have to get a new battery for it.

We had to take this picture cause it was too funny. Usually you would think that the guy would be working on the vehicle and the girl would be watching. But not in Trey and Ryleigh's case she thought that she coulg get it to work.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy 23rd Birthday LEAH!!!!!!!

Happy 23rd Birthday tomorrow Leah!!!!!
Hope that you have a great day

Happy 21st Birthday Jacob!!!!!!!!

I just wanted to wish my Little Bro a very Happy 21st Birthday tomorrow!!!!!!
I hope you have fun but don't get into trouble.

I tried to find some pictures of Jake but all the pics that I have he is always laying on the floor or on the phone so I picked this one where he is doing both.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fun Filled Weekend...I will post pics later

This weekend was a long but fun weekend Friday afternoon we took the kids to their Dr. appointments and found out that all of them have ear infections that part of the weekend wasn't so fun but the funny thing is that the boys all have earinfection in the right ear and Ryleigh's is in the left. So they are all on medicine for 10 days WHAT FUN!!!! Then when we got home we got ready to go to McCook. On our way there we stopped at my moms house and let the kids out to play and see Laura and Grandma. Right before we were getting ready to go Laura asked me if they could keep Ryleigh and Trey and I told her that I didn't care. So they got Grandpa some supper ready and took it to him in the feild. Ryan and I ten went on into McCook and got the things that we needed to get. We got home kinda late but we got to spend some quality time with Kameran and Konner. Saturday morning we got up and got the 2 boys ready to go and I took them to Palisade and went to garage Sales with my mom and when we were done with that we went to McCook and Laura Trey and Ryleigh all went to . On the way home Laura asked me again if Trey and Ryleigh could stay and I told her yes again. I went home when we got to Palisade and When I got home Ryan and I decided to work in the Yard some we mowed everthing and moved some things and planted some grass. Then we went into the house and played with Kon and Kam they absolutely loved having all of the attention. And when they have all of the attention they are both really big Hams. Sunday morning Ryan and I and the boys all slept in some. When we finally got up and got around we went to Palisade and got Trey and Ryleigh and before we left Uncle Jake and Yedi showed up and Joe and Leah showed up. Jake decided that it was hot outside and decided that they were going to have a water fight. Trey and Ryleigh loved it. In fact they didn't even want to come inside or leave when it was time to go home. When we finally got home Ryan and I decided that we would let it cool down outside and then we would go outside and work on the yard some more. We had a long weekend but I think everyone had alot of fun.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Konner and Kameran accomplishment....

Kameran accomplishment's
1. He start to roll over at the beginning of March
2 He got his first 2 teeth and the beginning of March
3. Started rolling all the way over in the middle of March.
4. Got his 2nd 2 teeth at the beginning April
5. Started to get up on his hands and knees at the beginning of April.
Before we know Kameran is going to be crawling and He is already trying to get 2 more teeth in The one thing that makes me happy is that he's not that crabby getting his teeth in. And last night Ryan was just with playing Kam and Stood him up against the Couch and he actually stood there with no help.
Konner's Accomplishments
1. He started rolling over In the Middle of April
2. Started to roll all of the way over at the end of April
3.Started getting on all his hands and knees at the beginning of May.
4. Got his face all cleared up at the begining of May
Yes Konner is just a little behind but it's not taking that long for him to catch on. He has no teeth yet. We can see one. But it has not yet popped through to where you can feel it and he is just the opposite of Kam. He is crabby and he has the bad diapers. He isn't using his legs that well yet but he is also a lot bigger than Kam.
As Ryan puts it Our Little boys are growing up fast. It seems like they are actually growing up faster than Trey and Ryleigh did. As for Trey and Ryleigh and their accomplishment's. They are really starting to talk a lot and a lot better. They are definitely in the terrible two's stage and they love to be outside. They are getting their 2 year molars in and they are growing like weeds.
Trey copies everything that you say and will say it over and over until he gets tired of it and he will get you just about anything. He loves giving hugs and kisses and he likes to cuddle up on the couch with you.
Ryleigh is just a little different she likes to talk on her fake cell phone and hates talking on a actual phone. She likes to sass everyone and is going to be able to stick up for herself. She is our little miss mom. She likes to help feed Kon and Kam. Her eye surgery was a success.
Trey and Ryleigh are getting to go to the Henry Dorley Zoo this summer and we has been looking at all the different animals and they can tell you what most of the are. They are both really excited to "GO SEE THE AMINALS" as they say it. Well that is all for now.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Some pics from the weekend!

This weekend was a long but enjoyable weekend. Friday night Ryan and I watched movies with Trey and Ryleigh during the storm. Saturday we got up early and went to Palisade to Great Grandma's house to brand calves. All the guys actually Branded. All of the Women stayed inside with the kids and Baked cookies and watched movies. Sunday We went to Palisade in the morning and gave all the grandma's their Flower pots that we made. And Leah, Jake, Laura, Dad and I gave Mom a digital camera for Mother's Day. Funny thing is Ryan gave me my Mother's day gift 2 weeks ago and Now Mom and I have the same digital camera's. Then Last night we came back up to Wauneta and Ryan Made supper for Marilyn and I for mother's day. Well really sums up everything that we did this weekend.
Trey and Ryleigh sleeping together during the storm Friday night.Grandma Marj and Konner. They matched on Mother's Day
Kameran zonked out on great Grandma's Lap
Trey wanting to go outside on Saturday
Ryleigh was a mess after eating grandma's cherry cheesecake.

Friday, May 9, 2008

We Finally got Konner face cleared up

For all of you who didn't know or haven't seen Konner. From the time that he born we have been fighting with him having some very dry skin. We went to the doctor several times for it and the kept telling us that it was cradle cap and then the last time that we went to the doctor she noticed that it was on his stomach to. Which cradle cap isn't on your stomach. Then she told us to get son vanicream which is for extremely dry skin. It has been a little over a month since we started to use and his face is looking 100% better. Here are the before and after pictures

this is before we used the Vanicream and the was in March

And this is after and this picture was taken today we 3 days from us using it for exactally 2 months

Thursday.... We stayed home cause it stormed

Thursday night we stayed home and played cause it stormed. The kids really don't like the storms so we tried to find things to entertain them but instead the did it themselves. Ryleigh and Trey not only jumped on their beds but played with their dads hat. The cutest thing that Trey says when it storms and there is lightening he will ask one of us to turn it off turn it off. It is so comical cause he doesn't understand that we can't turn it off.

Ryleigh and dad's hat

Trey being goofy
Konner hanging out in the swing
Kameran playing in the exersaucer

Wednesday....We went for a walk

On Wednesday Trey and Ryleigh begged and Begged for us to go for a walk so we took them for a short walk and They loved and were worn out by the time we got home.

Monday, May 5, 2008

We Were Suppose to be taking a Nap BUT........

Yesterday Ryan andI put Trey and Ryleigh in their room to take and nap. The usual happened they cried and stood at the door begging to get out. And then all of the sudden it got quite. Ryan and I thought that they were asleep until we heard they laughing. We opened the door and this is what we found. Two Monkeys Jumping on the bed.

This picture was taken after they got caught don't they look so innocent.

Flower Rescue

Friday when it was snowing Ryleigh and Trey were standing by our sliding doors crying and I couldn't figure out what exactly they were crying for. Until Trey said pretty's outside and that is when I figured out that they were crying cause our flowers were getting snowed on so we had to go out and get them

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Some pics from the week

Kameran playing in the exersaucer
Laura and Trey sitting on the couch watching some TV.
I'm on cool dude.
Ashton playing on the floor.
Gabriel and Trey making a mess on the toy room.

So to be Uncle Joe
Ryleigh and Kimberly the 2 Flower girls for Leah's wedding
Papa Guy
Konner fell asleep playing in the exersaucer.
Trey fell on the sidewalk last week and skinned up his lip.

It looked alot worse than this earlier last week.